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Dutch Ultra

Believe the Hype!

My FPS gaming story started with Quake 3 Arena in 2000. It was fast, brutal and super fun. Making it to the top 3 players of the match made for a fun and competitive challenge among friends. We had a ‘blast.’

Next, I got into Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer and fell in love with the relentless pace of the game. You would die and simply respawn and try again. The variety of weapons and the fact that it was WW2 related made it an instant classic for me.

Then, it happened. My friend Daniel invited me to come play Counterstrike with him and his friends. By now I was an avid gamer, and my curiosity had been officially piqued! 

I literally went out to the store and bought it, installed it and configured my settings. I joined a server thinking I was about to have a lot of fun and get some kills. NOPE! 

All that happened was that I would spawn with the team, run out into the action and get instantly headshotted by an unknown enemy and would have to wait for 3-5 minutes watching other people finish the round!

If you remember Counterstrike 1.3 you will know what I am talking about. After updating to 1.4 I was still not having much luck and, therefore, not having that much fun. I was getting owned pretty hard, consistently.

Right before CS 1.5 came out I stumbled upon a server called ‘Fuzz & Skinny’s No-Buy Server.’ It was a server with ‘custom’ maps that were usually fairly small and had all the guns laid out on the ground in the spawn area so you didn’t have to buy them.

The idea was to quickly pick up a gun and start killing the enemy. The rounds usually lasted between 10 seconds and 1 minute. Many rounds ended literally within seconds. 

Not only were the small custom maps a TON of fun, the fact that the rounds were over in no time meant that I could quickly give it another try if I died. 

In other words, rather than waiting 5 minutes for the round to end, I was able to play over and over until I finally started building some skills. 

Fuzz & Skinny’s server is where I slowly started building my skill set because it became an attraction for many skilled CS players. Thanks to them, the bar got set really high and I had to get really good just to keep up. 

During that time, the first Call of Duty was released and I loved it. It was basically Counterstrike but in a WW2 setting, I hit the ground running and did quite well, I learned a ton by playing the first Call of Duty for a long time.

Needless to say, I now literally own all of the COD games! Each one taught me new and important lessons.

I’ve also bought and mastered most other well-known FPS titles and learned a ton about what works, and what doesn’t. FarCry 3 was an amazing experience, for example. 

FC3 taught me so much, especially about  learning new and novel approaches to strategically outsmarting the enemy. It’s no surprise that so many games ripped off ideas from FC3 afterwards, including COD Warzone!

Nowadays, I focus on COD Modern Warfare but I still have a soft spot for COD WW2, mostly because I am a huge WW2 fan and also because I put a lot of time into the game.

In fact, I have nearly 300K kills with a variety of weapons and have been ranked around 300 worldwide for almost 2 years!. 

Long story short, I am a trainer and instructor by profession. I’ve owned a nationwide ‘Cloud Service Provider’ company since 2010 and have been a soccer instructor for many years, as well. I am serious about what I do and I am good at everything I invest my time into. 

That is why it seemed natural for me to create Hype Gaming – a company FOR gamers and BY gamers!

I wanted to create a platform where I could start sharing some of the successful strategies I learned from playing FPS competitively for so long. Sharing is caring, after all.

Hype Gaming’s mission is to help serious gamers get seriously good at FPS!

We provide training, coaching and the tools you need to dominate your favorite FPS games – all in one place!

Not only that, we have a supportive community that looks out for you. We leave no soldiers behind!

Whether you want to play casually and become a legendary PubStar or go all the way and win $1 million at the next big tournament, Hype Gaming can help you get there.

Believe the Hype!

You can check it out here: www.HypeGaming.io and my brand new academy at Academy.HypeGaming.io

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